Luigi Franchi, aka Zino, was born in Teramo in 1973. He graduated in History of Art at the University of Bologna in the 90s. After graduating, he moved to Rome where he began to work with some artists of the former factory Cerere and where his love for contemporary art was born. After having collaborated in the development of some installations for artistic events in Abruzzo, in 2003 Zino graduated in Restoration in Florence at Palazzo Spinelli. In 2013, Zino began his artistic career, succeeded in a short time to exhibit in several public institutions, galleries and art fairs.

His work features the continuous research for new formal solutions to deal with contemporary society.  He used to experiment different languages to test the expressive potential at the basis of his work. Close to themes related to the world of contemporary society, from consumerism to globalization, from pop culture to youth trends, his path is characterized by the use of different materials mostly belonging to non-artistic environments such as Lego bricks, PVC balls, 3D prints.

His latest research is rooted in the Tape-Art current, which involves the creation of works of art through the use of adhesive tapes of various types. In his latest works, the use of coloured tape has become the main stylistic feature through which he has created a new communicative alphabet in balance between the pop-media language and the street art.

He lives and works in Rimini.

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