Born in Havana, class of 1977, his work reflects the unique experience of being Cuban. Capote, known to collectors since the 1990s, deals with political, social and migration issues that refer primarily to Cuban identity but then become universally accessible.

His work, extremely conceptual, is based on the over-representation that he himself defines as a characteristic of contemporary pop culture. Here we find human organs or everyday objects, frequently assembled.

And so for example Capote represents Nostalgia and does so through a zip that opens a suitcase that reveals a brick wall, a metaphor for nomadism and its limits.

Or even a golden washbasin in the shape of an ear pavilion. Visitors invited to wash their hands thus allow dirty residues to flow into the auditory canal. This action reflects on the flow of information often provided by the media, advertising and political propaganda and becomes a direct allusion to brainwashing.

Yoan Capote represented Cuba at the 54th Venice Biennale, won a UNESCO prize and received a scholarship from the Guggenheim Foundation – all for his paintings and sculptures that focus on examining behavior and psychological states (personal or collective), from the most intangible to the most visceral.

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