Hub/Art is happy to announce the opening of a new exhibition titled V.I.T.R.I.O.L by artist Joaquín Morodo, curated by Greta Zuccali.


The exhibition will open on 14 April during Art Week and it can be visited during gallery opening hours and by appointment.
The official opening night will be on 4 May. On that occasion, there will be a meeting with the artist and a live performance with the band The Glaze Friendz.

The exhibition is promoted by the GAG London Equity Capital group.

For this new exhibition, the Spanish artist presents a series of mixed media paintings in various formats and a digital work with a dynamic animation. On a metaphorical level, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. indicates the alchemical process of the Grande Opera, which consists in dissolving the hardest and most selfish aspects of the person. Summarising the acronym, according to Joaquin, it will lead to the solution: if the human being looks to his inner part, he will succeed in freeing the spirit from matter. This process of cleansing and lightening, from a moral and ethical point of view, will lead to the Elixir of Life.

“Everything must start with us,” says Morodo, “from our will, from our crossed path, in which sacred and profane must not be separated but coexist for our and mankind’s progress.” This first stage of the V.I.T.R.I.O.L. exhibition – the idea is that it will unfold in a series of exhibition appointments – recounts an early period in the personal and initiatory inner journey of the artist, who has a multifaceted and creative personality in many respects. His art ranges from photography to digital works, from painting to music.

The works in the exhibition are inspired by alchemical concepts and refer to Spanish art and culture contextualised in today’s world, contemporary fashion and architecture and society in its loss of values and the concept of the transience of time.
His painting is strongly material and is characterised by a brushstroke in spots that symbolises improvisation as the culmination of artistic authenticity. The techniques used are varied and are synonymous with his eclecticism: oil, acrylic and spray paint.

The bases are also different and sometimes recovered, such as recycled cardboard or jute, with the intention of sending out a message of sustainability.

The exhibition has a real soundtrack. In fact, each painting is paired with a song from the album “V.I.T.R.I.O.L. by Joaquin Morodo art exhibition soundtrack”, which can be downloaded thanks to a QR code. This will allow the visitor to fully experience his art, which does not only stop at the visual side but also involves the hearing.

The exhibition is also part of the cultural programme of the Instituto Cervantes in Milan, a non-profit organisation created by the Spanish government in 1991 with the mission to promote the teaching of Spanish and the co-official languages of Spain.

The Hub/Art exhibition project opens in conjunction with miart 2023 and can be visited during the Fuorisalone week. A meeting with the artist and a live performance with the band The Glaze Friendz is scheduled for 4 May.

Joaquín Morodo Garcia

Joaquín Morodo Garcia, born in 1984, is an artist and entrepreneur born in Madrid into a family of humanists, politicians, artists and sociologists. He has been collaborating with the world of fashion and luxury for more than 20 years. Among others, he boasts important professional experiences with Gucci, Etro, Dolce Gabbana, Bally, Giorgio Armani, Loro Piana, Larusmiani, Belstaff, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Esteē Lauder, Cucinelli and a long list of prominent names in the luxury, textile and beauty sectors.

He studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid and international business at the University of New Mexico. Since 2010, he has created several start-ups in various sectors: natural medicine, footwear and marketing. He has been a member of the Ateneo de Madrid and is involved in numerous social initiatives in defence of human rights.

He is also singer, songwriter and music producer for The Glaze Friendz, the pop rock band with punk, indie, hip hop, orchestral and trap influences. His music mixes together instruments, rhythms and languages to create a unique and distinctive style.
In addition to Joaquin Morodo, frontman and songwriter, it also features Andrea Cuoco ‘Kid Riff’, born in 1999, producer, composer and poly instrumentalist, who gave up his football career to devote himself entirely to music.


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