Hub/Art Milano is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition ‘Treads of Identity’, supported by GAG London Equity Capital and sponsored by City Hall 5 and the Municipality of Milan, on Wednesday 18 October 2023, from 6.30 pm to 9 pm.

The focus is on the theme of IDENTITY meant as origin but also extinction and constant research.
Six artists try to give shape to this concept, who, due to their different origins, offer different and contrasting visions.

Mohammed El Hajoui‘s work originates from the traditions of his native Morocco. The artist patiently creates geometric and decorative patterns that echo Arab-Muslim architecture, with the intention of preserving his roots, which are at risk of extinction, not only due to natural catastrophes but also the relentless march of time and the danger of forgetfulness.

Mosa One, an artist of Egyptian origin, seeks to transcend cultural boundaries in his work, representing the complexity of an individual living in constant conflict, divided by a dual identity and in perpetual struggle, feeling like an incomplete puzzle in constant search of balance.

Ndjantou Boris, an artist of Cameroonian origins living and working in France, retains his love for wood from his heritage, which he uses to shape his sculptures. His manual work, with an almost meditative purpose, leads him to create zoomorphic, anthropomorphic, or abstract forms that attempt to answer questions about the origin of the cosmos and the mysteries of the universe.

Alvise Pasquali draws on an iconic baggage that straddles the border between the real and the surreal. His sculptural works present a formal language where classical references combine with a clear inclination to provoke a more honest reflection on the superficiality and artificiality of today’s society, us, and our representations of the surrounding world.

Daniele De Giorgio, through photography, captures the desperate search for identity in Western society, disoriented and hollowed from within, willing to do anything to identify with something, whether it’s just the logo of a trendy brand.

Giulia Nelli, with her work of weaving nylon threads, analyzes the relationship of everyone with the natural and social environment, believing it is necessary to rebuild the bonds that have become fluid through new means of communication and need to find new meaning in real life. In the exhibition, her installation plays the role of making tangible the dialogue between the artists, with a gesture as delicate and powerful as pulling a thread, creating a connection.

Is identity something to be protected and passed down as an origin, or is it a reason to search for something outside of oneself to represent and be recognized in society? 

Solidity and vulnerability intertwine in this exhibition narrative around a concept that is not easily defined.