After the inaugural show Riverrun by artist Attilio Terragni, and the ongoing participation to the Fall Design Week 2017, a double exhibition with NAVA Design e MH Way through 24th October, HUB/ART is now pleased to announce a new show with the work of two emerging Italian artists.The Contended Witness is the title of a double personal exhibition by Elio Ticca, visual artist and Mary Della Giovanna, photographer. The show, curated by Giulia Blasig, opens on 26th October at HUB/ART, a non-profit exhibition space newly opened in Milan.

Elio Ticca and Mary Della Giovanna impress the viewer with innovative ways of seeing, which end up in mirroring each other within the exhibition space. The contrast between two different world views is highlighted in a bespoke, site-specific project for Interface HUB/ART.

The painter, shy and introverted, and the photographer, peppy and cheerful, have met each other three years ago accidentally, and have taken the decision to develop the Milan show in 2016.

Elio Ticca e Mary Della Giovanna

Giulia Blasig


26th  October 2017

6.30 – 10 pm


Via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3 – Milano

Soft and blurred shadows, featured in a fine-art, black-and-white photography by Mary Della Giovanna, meet the highly sophisticated hand of the painter and his byzantine-like chromatisms. The double series, a choral hymn to physicality and to extreme human expressivity, with a strong poetic charge, aims at triggering physical and emotional tension, rejection and attraction in the viewer. The series also seems to ask the public to interpret the presence of nudity, addressed through two different artistic mediums. Nudity can either be interpreted, according to the artists, as a symptom of the disappearance of identity, or the claim for subjectivity by the individual.

The exhibition features a large group of artworks: twelve mixed-media works on canvas and twelve photographs. Another essential feature of the work by Della Giovanna is also a series of interviews to her models, which provide another semantic layer to the photographs. The public will have the possibility to listen to the interviews directly on their smartphone, with a QR code provided at the entrance. The models answer a question: “How are you?”.


As Giulia Blasig, the curator of the show, writes:

The word is the red thread. It is an integral part both in Mary’s photography and in Elio’s paintings. The word provides a semantic slippage, a change of meaning: it invites us to approach the intimacy of Mary’s bodies and, simultaneously, it pushes us away from Elio’s subjects, which we seem to recognise at first glance”.


Via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3
20139, Milano

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26th October, 6.30 – 10 pm, with free drinks

Opened to the public

27th October to 12th January 2018

Opening time

Monday – Friday, 9 – 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday by appointment only