The exhibition space HUB/ART and Interface Facility Management have decided to host the exhibition "Poor Us. A tale of Italy does not give up" to give a place to a project that will go from Milan to Palermo, passing through Catanzaro, Naples and Genoa.

The exhibition is organized by L’Albero della Vita, with the photographic project by Valentina Tamborra curated by Roberto Mutti and the stories by Monica Triglia. A mix of words and images to tell one of the most widespread plagues of our country: the poverty of families with children.

26 photographs, 5 stories to illustrate a phenomenon so widespread but also little explored, despite the large numbers.

What does it mean today to be poor? Who are the people who live in this condition? The exhibition “Poor Us. A tale of Italy that does not give up” aims to investigate, going beyond conventions, this increasingly dramatic reality, which affects over five million Italians, of whom one million and 208 thousand are children or young people under 18 years of age.


Valentina Tamborra↗︎ e Monica Triglia↗︎

Roberto Mutti

Thursday, May 9 2019
H. 18:30 – 21:30

Interface HUB/ART
Via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3 – Milano

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“In this work Valentina Tamborra has been faced with new problems from the past,” says Roberto Mutti, who was in charge of curating the exhibition, “because Italy, which has historically been a poor country, has lost its memory of this condition as if everything belonged to a distant reality, definitively overcome. And instead things are not like that, it takes relatively little to slip back, to realize that what was given for acquired only a short time before now has moved away first in an imperceptible way and that to reach it again you can no longer do it alone but you have to count on the help of others. There is dignity in their acceptance, there is a great awareness that is transformed into strength, there is a determination that acts as an engine, but, to make photography such feelings, which is also a very difficult operation, you need to approach this way of life very gently.


“There are situations that seem so far away, that we think they can never touch us,” says Ivano Abbruzzi – president of L’Albero della Vita “that cannot involve us, our balance, our family, our children. Representing poverty today is a difficult and complex task, because if it is true that we have always talked about poverty, today we must recognize the fact that he wears new clothes; we are faced with a new dimension of poverty: it is confirmed, in fact, the growing presence of “new poor”. Italians from the middle class who until a few years ago did not know the social hardship. Restoring dignity also means starting to look at this phenomenon with a new look, with humanity, just as Valentina and Monica have done in this splendid work for us, who have entered into empathy with some of our beneficiary families. As our educators do every day.


Monica Triglia, with Valentina Tamborra, met some families benefiting from the Varcare La Soglia support program of L’Albero della Vita: “We wanted to get closer to a daily reality that is often ignored, in difficult areas of Italy, places that are close by, but perceived as other worlds, far from our daily lives. We wanted to investigate a new poverty that affects those around us, which could affect us first. A reality of which we are not only silent witnesses, but in which we feel strongly involved. In Milan, Genoa, Catanzaro, Naples and Palermo, in the rich Italy of the north and in the poorest Italy of the south, we met and listened to the protagonists of difficult experiences. By telling their stories, we also wanted to tell the fundamental contribution of L’Albero della Vita, which is succeeding in tracing a new road towards serenity for many families”.


“With our support – said Armando Zuccali, Interface Facility Management CEO – we hope to provide concrete help to people living in disadvantaged and marginalized situations, increasing and strengthening the programs provided by L’Albero della Vita to tackle poverty.”


Starting from the human experience and the words of the people involved in the national program “Varcare La Soglia”, the exhibition “Poor Us, a tale of Italy that does not give up” trying to shed light on a reality otherwise silent. And to witness a changing Italy and a new need for social, economic and relational integration and support. Stories of revenge, courage, hope. Stories of people who, despite everything, do not give up.


Respectful images that focus on the humanity and the childhood. Like the “sisters walking hand in hand; that mother sitting on the bench with her back as she spreads her arms as if to discreetly protect her children, that sweet smile of the sick child thrown over his bed, those hugs that they all exchange with a damned desire to squeeze to become strong.” Strong tales of courage and hope.


Because nothing is lost if you decide that it is not.


After Milan, the exhibition will open in the cities where L’Albero della Vita is present with the project Varcare la Soglia: Palermo, Catanzaro, Naples and Genoa.

The exhibition hosted free of charge within Interface HUB/ART is sponsored by the Lombardy Region and is included among the events of Milan PHOTO Festival.


Interface HUB/ART
Via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3
20139, Milano

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Thursday 9 May, from 18:30 to 21:30

Opening to the public
From May 10 to June 2, 2019 
Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 12:30 / 14:00 – 18:00
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