HUB/ART is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition “People and Things” by Zino (nickname of Luigi Franchi), curated by Greta Zuccali with the technical support of Interface Facility Management and GAG London. The exhibition will be open from January 22 to July 31 2020.

For the exhibition the artist, using the tape-art technique, has created a series of work divided into two independent sections but connected to each other. 

In the first one, 10 works of art – icons of the history of art – are reinterpreted by Zino through the main tool of contemporary society: the screen filter, whether it be that of the smartphone or the TV.  This procedure leads to the deformation of the original, which, while retaining its distinctive features, is emptied of its deeper meanings to return only the matrix of the image, that superficial imprint that allows its reproducibility while neglecting its uniqueness.

In the second section, instead, some characters from the past are combined with objects out of context. To complete the work, ironic titles with the aim of making people smile, surprise or indignation, in order to create an intimate communication between the viewer and the proposed image. 

Al Zigant, Zino, 90x50cm
Europietà, Zino, 100x100cm

Zino is graduated in Art History from the University of Bologna and he is specialized in the restoration at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence. His artistic research has the aim to explore the concept of stratification and assembly using mediums that reflect the deconstruction of the image and context in which we live. Hence the start of the research through the use of the famous Lego bricks and then arrive today at the experimentation of the expressive potential of tape art, a technique that through the use of colored adhesive tapes is connected in a manner consistent with his artistic path. 

His works are visual dialogues of citationists, unpredictable, sometimes ironic. These tributes alter the matrix and are intended to provoke reflections on the idea of authenticity and counterfeiting.

He currently lives and works in Rimini. Among his participations we remember SetUp Fair Bologna 2014 and 2015, the exhibition “Imago Mundi” at the historical gallery of Cesare Manzo in Pescara and the exhibition “Luogo comune” in Milan during Expo 2015.


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