NO CURVES is the pseudonym behind which is hidden one of the most famous tape-artists around the world. This technique, the same one used by the artist now on display Zino, consist in drawing using tape: a product (tape) which is mainly used as a work-tool, in the hands of this artist becomes an extraordinary artistic element, and an instrument to investigate the man of the third millennium. Thanks to the unquestioned technical ability in using tape, NO CURVES is considered one of the major representatives of tape art at an international level.

He is known for its unique and geometric style, characterized by the total absence of curves and roundness.
NO CURVES draws on every type of surface, from urban and architectural context to art galleries and museum spaces. Since his debut he has collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the Museo della Permanente, Museo delle Scienza e Tecnologia and the Barbican Center in London, and with top brands such as Adidas, Bmw, Marvel, Microsoft, Nike, Red Bull and many others.
Those who find themselves in front of one of his works are almost always surprised: not only for his technical ability, but also for the contrast that arises between the final effect and what originates it. The poetics of No Curves, in fact, seems to consist of pixels, digital technology and cyborg visions, but it is the result of great craftsmanship.

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