The year 2020 will be the subject of entire books.

It has been a unique, hard and nerve-wracking year that has forced the entire world, including the art world, to stop and find a new way of expressing itself and communicating. In this new set-up, the virtual world has come into its own.
Hub/Art, during the lockdown imposed last November, had the opportunity to collaborate with MIA Art Collection -collection directed by Alejandra Castro Rioseco and entirely dedicated to women’s art- for an exhibition in the MIA Anywhere Virtual Museum.
Two artists represented by our gallery, the photographer Antonella Bozzini and the painter Laura Benetton, shared a virtual gallery for a two weeks’ project (as it was impossible to do this “on site”).
The union between the two modes of expression gave rise to a reflection that we share below.


As in Euclidean geometry there are relationships of incidence between points, lines and planes, likewise in the work between a photographer and a painter there can be some points of contact.

Totally different in training and expressive methods, however, Antonella Bozzini and Laura Benetton have in common a scientific research that leads them to move and act only after having carefully studied the surrounding context.
On the one hand, Antonella Bozzini, an iconic and essential photographer of the urban landscape, in her project “Linea nelle Linee” (Line in the Lines) bears witness to the transformation of a city, the architectural interventions and the renewal around that border line which until 1989 was the Berlin Wall.

On the other hand, Laura Benetton, a painter with an almost street artists’ touch, with her work “Metamorphosis” also looks at the essence of transformation, the essence of light in combination with movement and colours.
Here again, the approach is scientific. Nothing in nature happens by chance and not even the pictorial action.
Starting from the analysis of movements in nature (butterflies, birds) Laura captures the essence of change, of the encounter of colours with light, and makes it the beating heart of her work.

On show at Hub/Art Milan

Linea nelle Linee, Antonella Bozzini, curated by Andréa Romeiro,7 October 2020 – 31 January 2021

METAMORPHOSIS, Laura Benetton, curated by Greta Zuccali and Laura Pivetta,  next spring 2021