This month we decided to share the photo project has caused indignation but also some laughs. The author is Max Siedentopf, a German-Namibian designer and photographer based in London who has created a series of provocative images showing everyday objects used as protective masks against Coronavirus.

How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus, the photo series title, was inspired by photographs that have been shared on various platforms around the world, from young Instagrammers to the Pinterest tabs of self-made masks.To reflect on this, Siedentopf created masks worn by people from China, Israel, Namibia, South Africa, Brazil, England, Ireland and Zimbabwe.

Already known to the public for his desecrating and ironic projects, among them we remember “Passport Photos”, a photographic series that challenges all the official rules to make a passport photograph. Clear background, no reflections and no smile… but just enlarge the frame to find out what strange activities the portrayed subject is doing without revealing any emotion.

© Max Siedentopf — ↗︎