Matteo Galvano was born in Como on January 3rd, 1983, where he currently lives and works.

He graduated at the Art Institute in Cantù, where he dedicated his studies on the artistic techniques deepen the interest in the use of a new tool: the ballpoint pen created by László József Bíró in 1938. An interesting fact is this year has the same digits in his date of birth.

From 2002, his artistic research has evolved with his ability to use the ballpoint pen: a technique with a high level of difficulty that requires extreme precision in tracing signs and strokes, now more intense, now lighter, knowing how to masterfully tame the ink that slips fast on white cotton paper, only after carefully studied the design idea.


In 2010 he went to New York. This trip can be considered the turning point of his artistic research architectures minded: witnesses of one of the highest forms of human intelligence, inspiring unlimited freedom of imagination.


The artist has received interesting reviews from art critics, newspapers and magazines journalists.

Today he is Testimonial of the company PaperMate with which he has collaborated on several projects including, in 2013, his first solo exhibition: “When Reason meets the Biro” and in 2015 the participation in EXPO at the Italian Pavilion.

In Italy, one of his works is in the permanent collection of the Bernasconi Museum in Cernobbio (CO).


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