We all want to immerse ourselves in nature, take long walks and maybe get lost in unknown paths and then find ourselves regenerated and relaxed. Waiting for this, we have thought for this month to suggest the work of Jason Anderson. We could call him “a contemporary impressionist” because his work is rooted in impressionist and post-impressionist painting. His focus is on the representation of landscapes and views, urban and natural, painted en plein air. While observing his series of abstract places, through thick and material brushstrokes of paint, we find ourselves immersed in evanescent and luminous spaces.

Born in Dorset, England, Anderson began his artistic career working as a restorer of ancient stained glass in some of the most important Gothic cathedrals on the British island, such as York Minster and Gloucester. Today’s technique is still influenced by his early days’ work: the color effects and the play of light and shadow, typical of glass working, are perfectly recognizable in the transparency of his canvases.

And from the gothic stained glass today Jason Anderson has moved on to album covers. In fact, in 2019 he created the cover of Billie Eilish’s single “everything I wanted”.

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