Hub/Art is happy to announce the opening of a new exhibition, entitled "Italic BOLD" with artists Laura Benetton, Michele Spina and Zino, curated by Greta Zuccali.

The event is realised thanks to GAG London ltd, with the technical support of Interface FM Iberica and the contribution of McVector ltd Media & Communication.

The exhibition brings together the work of three Italian artists who have already collaborated with Hub/Art Milano.

The decision to gather them under a single “banner”, the Italic BOLD, is due to the desire to shine the spotlight on Italian making.

Italic because of their origins – Venetian for Laura Benetton, Roman for Michele Spina, and from Abruzzo for Zino – but above all because of the depth of research that characterises their work, which reveals an all-Italian way of thinking

The work of Laura Benetton, a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and science, investigates phenomena such as bioluminescence and movement. For the exhibition Italic BOLD, the artist presents a series of works inspired by the natural shape of butterfly wings, investigating their interaction with light during movement. Laura’s abstract painting incorporates the language of geometry where structures are dynamic and entangle color washes, led light and lines

In Michele Spina‘s research, painting and sculpture meet. His intervention in the exhibition Italic BOLD is divided into three moments. With the triptych “Ex voto contemporanei”, he uses logos, emoticons and other pop images to emphasise the emptiness of the social world; in “RhOME”, a graphic chessboard composition, he recounts his daily life, the city of Rome, through the combination of snakes and dolphins, symbols of sin and purity. Lastly, in the installation “Lemon Leaves”, nature reclaims its space, in an ironic and playful way.

Zino‘s work, on the other hand, displays a series of works characterised by the use of tape art, a technique that involves the creation of works of art using various types of adhesive tape. In the series selected for Italic BOLD, the artist creates a communicative alphabet made of images and irony, in which iconic characters from contemporary culture are confronted with playful objects. The aim is to make the viewer smile, while nourishing a deeper reflection on our references in the mass media.

As well as Italic, the exhibition is BOLD because of the strong character of the artwork and the emphasis on the creative gesture.


Opening night: Thursday, 1 December 2022

h. 6:30-9 pm 


HUB/ART Barcelona
Carrer del Dr. Trueta 183
08005, Barcelona

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Thursday 1 December 2022
From 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Opening to the public
From 2 December 2022
to 5 March 2023

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