We are pleased to announce a new online appointment with the law firm CBM & Partners.

On 22 October, from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., a new online conference on Zoom entitled “Investing in art: new technological tools, authentication of works of art and security of transactions” will be held from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. It is aimed at all art lovers who wish to explore the subject with the advice of lawyers Cristina Riboni and Riccardo Di Santo from the law firm CBM & Partners.

The positive trend that investment in art has experienced in recent years is attracting a growing number of people. However, investing in art is not “as simple” as investing money in government bonds or shares and requires in-depth analysis and multiple skills. So what are the existing tools to invest safely and how can new technologies be applied to this particular sector?

HUB/ART, as an operator in the contemporary art sector, aware of the social, cultural, and economic role played by art, supports the event in partnership with CBM & Partners in order to make the dialogue between art and law effective.

The artist Laura Benetton, whose exhibition Metamorphosis will be inaugurated at the Hub/Art gallery, will take part in the speech.

Workshop program

22 October 2020

  1. 18.00: Introduction with the artist Laura Benetton
  2. 18.15–19.15: the authentic in contemporary art: an overview; the blockchain applied to art: lights and shadows of this new technology
  3. 19.15–19.30: question time

The event, for a maximum of 50 participants, is free. Participate by signing up through the form clicking on PARTICIPATE.

The subscribers will receive the link to access the meeting on Zoom.


The Speakers

Cristina Riboni

Cristina joined CBM & Partners Law Firm in 2008. She has always worked in the field of civil litigation, specializing in disputes concerning the art market, copyright and intellectual property. She has also gained significant experience with regard to disputes related to agency and financial intermediation, representing leading companies and banks in legal proceedings. In addition to her litigation activity, she also assists private collectors, galleries, auction houses and operators in the art sector. She also provides advice on e-commerce and consumer protection, dealing with the most important operators in the e-commerce sector, as well as with the supervisory authorities. Finally, she is an expert in inheritance law and, particularly, she assists banks and credit institutions, including foreign ones, in resolving cases relating to dormant banking relationships. In the past, she collaborated with the consumer association Codacons and participated in the Working Group “Product Safety” at the Ministry of Economic Development.

Riccardo Di Santo

Riccardo Di Santo joined CMB & Partners in 2018. He assists Italian and foreign clients in civil and commercial law matters, including litigation and arbitration. In addition to his activity in litigation, he also advises clients in negotiating and drafting contracts. His practice areas include e-commerce, consumer protection and privacy.