The project architAMORfosi was born from the need of the artist to represent corners of the city in a way of their own, or rather corners of different cities as we have never seen them.

Looking at the works on display, we can notice a strong reference to the scripts of a film, to the shots capable of highlighting environment and character in a passage of images that flow and evolve between a frame and the other to create the film.

In detail, it is the medium field that has the greatest affinity with what has just been mentioned: in each of the works the environment is still very much present, even though the protagonist has a stronger impact. An environment that the artist interprets as a very white beam of light that, at high frequency, radiates out over the entire surface, leaving room for a single and unique protagonist: the architectural element.

Not only affinities but also distinctions between the world of cinema and the works on display. For Matteo Galvano, light is freedom, space where everything can be built, the possibility of making count what could be only considered an imaginary scheme.

Black and white until the early ’30s. Later, the colour projections.

At that moment, the decomposition of the white light visible in this exhibition path, according to Newton’s Theory of the Prism, is transformed into the seven colours of the spectrum within each of us, in the moment of transition between our logical reasoning (conscious mind) and our emotion (unconscious). We are therefore part of the prism that absorbs, decomposes and disperses, considering that every human being memorizes, reinterprets and communicates.

Following the route and observing each work, you will feel as if you are travelling through cities geographically distant from each other, and even more so, the sensation will explode in front of the work “Land-Time”.

The latter is an unpublished work in which the artist has engaged his creative force by multiplying that fusion that until today took its space on one side only. With “Land-Time”, Matteo Galvano wants to underline that the history of architecture is to be written not only in the vision of restored buildings but combining various architectural elements of the past as well as the present and making them an imaginative restoration.

In addition to the conventional works of the architAMORfosi series, the artist has realized “the desire” to hold a creation: exposed for the first time three examples of 3D printing reinterpreted to create a new visual effect and studied differently for each of them.

For the 3D section, the artist was joined by Lorenzo Manzoni, co-designer and eyewear designer, Riccardo Gatti (Master of Industrial Design) who took care of the 3D modelling and Sharebot Monza, who printed the works.

It is the beginning of a path that aims to revolutionize the way of interpreting architecture, proposing new mergers and new dimensions to explore.

Roberta Macchia

Exhibition Co-curator