This month we interviewed Omar Hassan, on the occasion of the exhibition SOPRA| SOTTO at the Prometeo Gallery. The exhibition will run until next September 10th.

In Milan, the Prometeo Gallery by Ida Pisani has launched the first solo exhibition of Omar Hassan “SOPRA | SOTTO”. The performative Egyptian artist does not remain immobile in front of a confused panorama like the present one. With a fighting spirit, he crossed Italy in 96 hours, to dismantle his personal exhibition in Naples and to set up the new one in Milan, which can be visited until next September 10th.

Omar, how much value this exhibition takes for you? It is just after months of forced lockdown.

It certainly takes a value of courage because it opens in such a delicate time, characterized mainly by uncertainty. I wanted to convey the message that art does not stop and that, despite everything, it must resume its movement.

As an artist, how do you see the contemporary art system? Do you think that this “suspended” period imposed by the health emergency can be an opportunity to modify something that is not working?

Every major crisis or problem generates changes and these changes can have negative or positive implications. It is up to the single person to find the constructive side. The system of contemporary art, like any other system, tends to perfection and therefore will always be imperfect.

Your work is action, instinctive, which arises from a metamorphosis. The sport action becomes artistic action. What do you think has most affected your path, making it unique? The passion for art or the dedication to sacrifice learned from sport?

Surely both things made available exclusively to my works! The desire to achieve a goal and understand that I could not do anything but deal with art certainly led me to what I wanted to become. Art is the only thing left of us. I will continue to live through my paintings through people’s eyes.

One last question. When did you stop practicing boxing, how did you come up with the idea of ​​painting while continuing to use boxing gloves? Was there a moment, an intuition, or maybe a person who pushed you towards this artistic path?

In fact, I tried this experiment when I was 15 after just six months in the gym. Already at that time I was painting every day and therefore joining my daily passions was natural for me. Then came the studies at the Brera Academy and with in-depth studies over the years I have been able to develop a true concept. There are many people who have inspired me in some way and I always thank them all, I feed on the experiences of others and I like to listen.

The interview, realized by Greta Zuccali, has been published on Stove Magazine, an entirely digital magazine and partner of HUB/ART that was born from the need to provide the market with a complete, new, creative, and refined vision of the fashion world (and everything around it).

© Artwork by Omar Hassan — ↗︎

Omar Hassan per RAI Scuola