Iness Rychlik is a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in a historical drama. Despite her severe myopia, Iness graduated with First Class Honours in Film from Screen Academy Scotland and she has been dedicated to visual storytelling for over a decade.

Rychlik is recognized for her dark feminine eroticism. Her faceless self-portraits are symbolic, perturbed and rare.

Her shots seem to provoke the viewer, they never fully reveal themselves to the eyes of the beholder.

Compressed by the corset laces, Iness’s ceramic body bears the marks on her skin.

The trace of the tightly fitted and bandaging clothing invokes feelings and uncomfortable sensations of constraint and discomfort.



With a style dating back to the Victorian era, her photographs seem to tell the dark side of fairy tales without a happy ending: they are erotic and enigmatic tales.

Iness Rychlik is a delicate and cruel tale of existence that must be observed and interpreted personally.


An ode to reflect on the woman’s body (just after the World Day against Violence against Women) and to move in the darkness of the social body and our individual bodies, those that influence our gender perspectives and then go on to shape habits, (bad) practices, institutions.