Thursday 13 October, at the Hub/Art gallery in Milan, opens the exhibition “Immagine. Tempo”, curated by Greta Zuccali, with artists Maria Allegretti, Antonio Bernardo, Giovanni De Benedetto, Ilaria Franza, Davide Genna, Clara Luiselli and Alberto Montanari.

Promoted by GAG London Equity Capital, the exhibition is realized thanks to the support of Interface Power and McVector ltd which is responsible for its communication and content.

The exhibition inaugurates a programme that starts with the simplest of all questions: “What is time?”.
To answer, Hub/Art organized an open call in which artists were asked to submit their best interpretation of the theme.

The first exhibition, entitled “Image. Time”, brings together a series of works united by an interest in the impact of time in the creative process, understood as the beginning and end of a thought that goes beyond the artist himself, the demiurge who gives life to matter and lets it take shape in the world.

The work of Maria Allegretti, writer and video artist, originates from the concept of the end and beginning. With her work “In the night the world ends”, she explores the narrative of the end of time and its perception. Through image, word and sound, the installation shows how in extreme fear senses of familiarity and alienation coexist. The work becomes a sign of how the end is hidden behind a million things, but how the beginning lies in the same place.

Maria Allegretti, Di notte il mondo finisce, 2022, courtesy Fabrica Treviso


With his pictorial work, Antonio Bernardo records the moments that mark our existence: the blooming of a flower, a dark moment, the reading of a quote. It is a work of perception and witness, a composition of moods, memories, places and moods, unique and unrepeatable moments, somewhere between dream and reality.

In the “Premature Time” series, artist Giovanni De Benedetto works with the technique of augmented kleksography painting, which consists of using inkblots sprayed onto a sheet of paper then folded in half. The investigation aims to explore the relationship between the present and the past, where the creative process acts as a filter to immortalize the “here and now”, freezing the image with photography.

Ilaria Franza’s work stems from a marked sensitivity for colour and attention to the time of creation. Through the medium of water, a dynamic and elusive element, Franza initiates an action of force and control to direct its flow on the canvas and give shape to small watery universes made with a very personal technique. The result has the consistency of dreamlike matter and memory.

Davide Genna with his work entitled “Participio” reflects on the artist’s time, simultaneous subject and verb of an action, a gesture, a creation. As in a dream, the protagonist loses the perception of his own limits and role, he is at the same time protagonist and observer of his making.

In Clara Luiselli’s “Crisalidi” series, form refers to the concept of transformation. Pages torn out of a well-known art magazine become the starting point for creating apparently amorphous outlines which, through erasure, allow cocoons of butterflies to emerge. An operation of unveiling that is a reference to the very function of art.

Rust, an element present in Alberto Montanari’s works, becomes the measure of the consistency of time and its passing over the world but also over our own skin. Hence time as change, as evolution in some cases and involution in others.


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Maria Allegretti, Antonio Bernardo, Giovanni De Benedetto, Ilaria Franza, Davide Genna, Clara Luiselli and Alberto Montanari


Greta Zuccali

On display

13 October 2022 – 8 January 2023


Hub/Art Milano

Via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3

20139 – Milano