HUB/ART reopens its exhibition and coworking spaces from May 18. In order to keep you and the visitors safe, we invite you to book your visit in advance. The Gallery is open from Monday to Friday: 8:30-12:30, 14:00-18:00; Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. 

You can find below the precautions we have taken to ensure a safe and pleasant visit to our exhibition spaces in compliance with anti-contamination regulations.

Visitor Safety

  1. Implement temperature screening of all visitors.
  2. Implement visitor registration and contact tracing measures at the entrance to the venue.
  3. Ensure all visitors and participants wear a mask.
  4. Suspend all guided tours.
  5. Ensuring adequate physical distance between visitors and participants by maintaining a minimum 1-meter distance between each visitor and participant.
  6. Having individual visitors and participants (or groups of visitors/participants) sit on alternate seats and on alternate rows, likewise, the minimum distance separating visitors and participants should be 1-meter.
  7. Encourage visitors and participants not to visit in large groups (except where visitors and participants are from the same household).

Staff Safety

  1. Implement daily temperature checking daily for all staff.
  2. All staff should wear masks, especially reception staff. In any case, the reception staff is protected by plexiglass barriers.
  3. Remind all staff, performers, and participants to practice social responsibility and to monitor their own health conditions, avoiding attendance of events if they are unwell.
  4. Provide hand sanitizers to staff.

Facility Management

  1. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of premises, especially frequently touched surfaces and items, removing all handleable objects where possible.
  2. Place hand sanitizers in easily accessible locations, so that participants and staff may disinfect their hands (e.g. after touching door handles).

Public Communication

  1. Proactively communicate the precautions in place in terms of social distancing, visitor registration, and temperature screening, etc. Pre-empt and manage the expectations of visitors, and participants.
  2. Place notices and posters in prominent places to remind patrons to comply with relevant prevention and control measures.
  3. Appeal to visitors, participants, and partners to cooperate by practicing good hygiene, monitoring their health, and staying away from venues and events should they feel unwell (and see a doctor as soon as possible), and, finally, maintaining a physical distance of 1-meter from one another.
  4. Encourage visitors, participants, and partners to acquaint themselves with the facts of the outbreak and its spread, sharing them with the community to avoid Covid-19-related stigmatization or discrimination.