On September 9, from 6:00 pm, HUB/ART is pleased to open the group exhibition "A proper distance" curated by Greta Zuccali. The exhibition will run until October 3 and it is supported by the company GAG London Equity Capital and Interface Facility Management.The event features the artists Paolo Basso, Antonio Bernardo, Pietro Campagnoli, Giovanni Fava, Eugenio Galli, Luca Marianaccio, Noah, Valentina Porcelli and Letteria Russo.

The exhibition is the result of a Call for Art launched on Instagram during the lockdown. The artists have been invited to share their works made during the quarantine using a hashtag and a keyword. Then they have been selected to create a physical event in the HUB/ART exhibition space.

“A proper distance” is a reference to the new dimension and transformation taking place in the art world. A warning or more likely a kind advice to keep the right distance between ourselves and our neighbor, aware that a return to normality is needed.

After almost three months marked by an incessant proliferation of virtual art experience, the exhibition “A proper distance” at HUB/ART marks the moment of return to real art. A moment to appreciate again the living matter of the works as the human presences, immersed in lights and spaces beyond the dimension of our computer screen.

The event is an opportunity to inaugurate a new exhibition space, the White Room, a 120m2 room that will expand further the Gallery’s showcase area: give it a look at the About page.

Paolo Basso, Apolide N.26, Pittura digitale su Photoshop, 70x90cm
Giovanni Fava, Oensieri Grigi, Mixed media, 46 x 51 cm, 2019
Antonio Bernardo, Esercizi di forma, stampa lineoleografica su carta, 35x46 cm
Eugenio Galli, Multimaterico su tavola, 2018, 75x55
Noah, Il passo di Enea con Anchise sulle spalle, 2020, 50x70 cm
Pietro Campagnoli, Monolithium, 30x30x35cm, 2020
Lilly Art, Oniric Landscape, acrilico su tela 160x140 cm, 2020
Valentina Porcelli, Reminiscenze, olio e foglia oro su tela, 70x50 cm, 2020
Luca Marianaccio, Sogno n.2, Stampa fine art, 40x50cm, 2020


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