Claire Luxton is a UK based multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, painting, poetry and installation.

After receiving an BFA from Goldsmiths University of London, Luxton created a challenging series of self portraits, pushing her emotional and physical boundaries by becoming both the subject matter and the materiality.

Luxton’s work draws on both the modern anxiety of society and the environment; each portrait, painting and accompanying poetry, becoming an exploration of isolation, desire and uncertainty.


We selected her as our artist of the month since her latest collaboration with the Occitane Group is particularly significant during these challanging times.

She launched a new collaboration with the brand L’Occitane and she installs her inspiring work in the windows of its beautiful shopfront on Regent Street. Due to the Covid restriction, L’Occitane wanted to give something back to everyone, that would make everyone feel uplifted and offer a few moments of joy as they go about their daily walk.

After the first lockdown, Claire’s work has become synonymous with hope, bringing healing and peace the giant butterflies installed in stained glass windows come to life when activated with the Artvive app.

For more details on the installation, read the article we wrote and published on Stove Magazine.


She wanted to explore the promise of new life, that feeling of growth and hope that spring seems to bring with!

The possibility that something magical can growth form small sustainable beginnings. Let’s hope that 2021 will be a rebirth for all of us.