For June we would like to propose the work of Chris Morin-Eitner, a French-German photographer based in Paris. His photographic project started in 2012, Once upon a time tomorrow, proved to be absolutely visionary in times of pandemic.

The artist, with a prophetic intuition, started from a reflection on climate change and the future of the planet and aware of the transitory nature of every human effort, he went to imagine a world where buildings and monuments symbolizing the most famous cities in the world are literally stormed by a luxuriant nature.

A story not too far from reality, especially after a long lockdown that very often saw city traffic gives way to nature.

So enjoy these images collected by the photographer, wondering what our world might be like if “at the turn of the 21st century, following an unknown event, humanity abandoned its capitals”.

© Chris Morin-Eitner — ↗︎