Hub/Art Barcelona is happy to announce the talk entitled “Art&Science: a different approach”, on Wednesday 8 March at 7pm, with the participation of Ernest Giralt, Scientist at IRB Barcelona – Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona and Laura Benetton, artist who works in the intersection of art and science.

The event is held on the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition “Italic BOLD” with the artists Laura Benetton, Michele Spina and Zino.

The event is realised thanks to GAG London ltd with the technical support of Interface FM Iberica and the contribution of McVector ltd Media & Communication.

The talk has the aim to explore the topic of “Art and Science”, starting from the work on display by Laura Benetton, which stands precisely at the intersection of these two disciplines.
The speakers will be Ernest Giralt, a professor at the IRB Barcelona and a scientist who has dedicated his career to the study of biomolecules, and the artist Laura Benetton, who has recently been investigating bioluminescence through the study of algae and bacteria as potential applications in contemporary art practice.

The intention is to stimulate and guide a new imagination, suggesting a new approach to scientific topics and showing how different methods of study can enrich each other.

The IRB Barcelona’s artist residency programme was born with this aim in mind. To connect artists interested in science with the wide range of research, data and infrastructures available at the Institute. To work towards the emergence of new forms of exchange by leveraging the ability to think together, going beyond boundaries, physical or mental, between disciplines and between people.


8 March, 7:00-7:45 pm

– 7:00: Introduction by Greta Zuccali

– 7:15-7:45: Talk

– 7:45: Q&A Time

The Speakers

Ernest Giralt

Ernest Giralt is a scientist and music composer. As a scientist, he has dedicated his career to the study of the synthesis and structure of biomolecules, in particular peptides and proteins with a focus on the discovery of mechanisms for the treatment of mental illness.
Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Barcelona, he is currently Professor Emeritus at the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB). During his career he has been recognised with numerous national and international awards such as the Max Bergmann Medal (2014), the Josef Rüdinger Award (2014) and the City of Barcelona Prize (2015).
As a composer, Ernest Giralt uses an eclectic language somewhere between tonality and atonality. His music is often inspired by his scientific work. His best known work is ‘Chemical Elements 2018: A Musical Mosaic’.

Laura Benetton

She is a London-based multidisciplinary artist who works combining art and science. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Throughout her career she has collaborated with various galleries in Italy, the UK and the US. She has also participated in prestigious artist residencies such as the one promoted by Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and most recently, in 2019, with Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Her scientific research was complemented by a master’s degree at Central Saint Martins in London. In her last research she analysed the possibility to replace the artificial light from the led light tube with the Bio light emitted from the Marine bacteria V.Fisheri.

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