Art & Interior Design

Art at home or in your office? We are looking for interior designers.

Digital Art: a guide to a new form of collecting

A new online event with CBM & Partners to enhance the dialogue between Art and Law

Metamorphosis: Laura Benetton X Toujours

A meeting between art and fashion

Hub/Art Barcelona

Getting ready for the launch of Hub/Art Barcelona!

Clarie Luxton

Claire Luxton: a dreamy photographer who inspired with a new collaboration with l'Occitane Group.

A virtual exhibition for Laura Benetton and Antonella Bozzini with MIA Art Collection

MIA Art Collection supports Laura Benetton and Antonella Bozzini

Iness Rychlik

Photographer and director, Iness Rychlik invites us to reflect on women's individual and social bodies.

Hub/Art supports Art Rights Prize

Hub/Art supports Art Rights Prize, the first International Virtual Art Prize for all artists.

artwork by Rebor

A new collaboration for Hub/Art with REA! the fair dedicated to emerging artists

Hub/Art is a partner of REA! Art Fair, ready to open from 30 October to 1 November at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

Enzo Mari (1932 – 2020)

A brief journey into the work of the democratic master of design Enzo Mari.

Investment in contemporary art. A brief guide by CBM & Partners

How to invest in contemporary art. A brief guide online by CBM & Partners on October 22, 6–7.30 pm.

Yoan Capote

Yoan Capote's work reflects on the experience of being Cuban, addressing universal political, social and migration issues.

Scritta al neon:

Massimo Uberti

Massimo Uberti, Italian artist, works with an intangible material. He uses the light as a physical matter, building dreamy architectures.

Apolide N.40, Paolo Basso. Opera colorata astratta su pannello nero situata in una sala d'esposizione

Paolo Basso

Biography of the artist Paolo Basso.

Pietro Campagnoli

Biography of the artist Pietro Campagnoli.

Touch of blue, Letteria Russo. Opera su tela in acrilico nero e blu

Letteria Russo

Biography of the artist Letteria Russo.

Giovanni Fava

Biography of the artist Giovanni Fava.

Espiazione, Valentina Porcelli. Opera a olio su tela ritraente una donna di spalle che si tocca i capelli su sfondo oro

Valentina Porcelli

Biography of the artist Valentina Porcelli.

Luca Marianaccio

Biography of the artist Luca Marianaccio.

E.C. VIII-2-2019, Eugenio Galli. Opera astratta di colore grigio su tavola grigia

Eugenio Galli

Biography of the artist Eugenio Galli.


Biography of the artist Noah.

Esercizi di Forma N°3, Antonio Bernardo. Linoprint su tela ritraente due bambine che fanno esercizio fisico

Antonio Bernardo

Biography of the artist Antonio Bernardo.

Omar Hassan. Foto ritraente Omar Hassan nel suo studio con dietro svariate sue opere

Omar Hassan

Omar Hassan, Italian/Egyptian, grew up between two different cultures and this gave him a deep curiosity about the new, the different and the outside world.

Esercizi di forma, Antonio Bernardo. Opera ritraente quattro bambine intente in un movimento corporeo come se stessero ballando

A Proper Distance

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of lockdown, when the whole world, with few exceptions, has stopped and forced at home. But what about the Art world?

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law is a British artist, best known for artworks created with natural materials, namely flora.

Chris Morin-Eitner

The artist, with a prophetic intuition, started from a reflection on climate change and the future of the planet and aware of the transitory nature of every human effort, he went to imagine a world where buildings and monuments symbolizing the most famous cities in the world are literally stormed by a luxuriant nature.

A glimpse on architectural photography

On Friday 22nd May, at 11:00 a.m., HUB/ART will held a live Facebook talk from the reopened gallery together with the architecture and urban planning photographer Antonella Bozzini and the curator and manager Andréa Romeiro of the studio Bozzini Romeiro.

HUB/ART reopening

HUB/ART reopens his exhibition and coworking spaces from May 18. In order to keep you safe, we invite you to book your visit. We are open from Monday to Friday: 8:30-12:30, 14:00-18:00; Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. 

Marianna Simnett

Marianna Simnett creates fairytale, performative, sound and luminous installations.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson's impressionist paintings look to Monet and Futurism.

Call For Art

At HUB/ART, as in many other galleries, we stay at home for the coronavirus, but we don't stop working. Here's our Call For Art initiative.

Antonella Bozzini

Biography of the photographer Antonella Bozzini.

Max Siedentopf

Everyday objects used as protective masks against Coronavirus to let us think about media terrorism and our fragile globality.

No Curves

Is considered one of the major representatives of tape art at an international level.

Mike Dargas

Illustrator and Architect, Carlo sketches the everyday life of the cities with a characteristic ad unique style guided by a deep understanding of the genius loci.

Redtrump, Zino, 100x100cm

Interview with Zino

Greta Zuccali interviews Luigi Franchi, aka Zino, about the upcoming exhibition at HUB/ART, opening in January 2020.

Zino / Luigi Franchi

Biography of the artist and designer Luigi Franchi, known as Zino.

Carlo Stanga

Illustrator and Architect, Carlo sketches the everyday life of the cities with a characteristic ad unique style guided by a deep understanding of the genius loci.

XMas Party

HUB/ART and Interface are pleased to invite you to a party evening with toasts, panettone and live music! Family, friends and relatives are all invited to celebrate with us the holidays and the end of this year full of new experiences, knowledge and moments of sharing.

Monica Bonvicini

Her multifaceted practice is translated into works that question the meaning of making art, the ambiguity of language, and the limits and possibilities attached to the ideal of freedom.



Niels Kiené, also known as Salventius, is a Dutch artist who creates one-line portraits using techniques such as light painting, photography, sculpting and 3D printing.

Giorgio Tentolini Portrait

Giorgio Tentolini

Biography of the artist and designer Giorgio Tentolini.

Adelaide Cioni

Artist-painter, her gesture can be defined more sculptural than pictorial. Cioni considers color a material life and images infinite variations of a catalogue of forms.

The architectural metamorphoses in the work of Matteo Galvano / Interview

Greta Zuccali interviews Matteo Galvano about the exhibition "architAMORfosi", on display at HUB/ART until September 2019.

Ai Nati Oggi — Alberto Garutti in Rome

Ai Nati Oggi. The installation of Alberto Garutti opens in Rome

The public art project “Ai nati oggi” created by Alberto Garutti has been unveiled in Piazza del Popolo in Rome on July 2nd, with the presence of the mayor Virginia Raggi and Giovanna Melandri, President of the MAXXI Foundation.

Alessandro Gottardo

Italian illustrator with a minimalist and essential style, he is known for the dreamlike and strongly evocative power of his illustrations.

Attilio Terragni

Biografia dell'artista e architetto Attilio Terragni.

Transiti nella corrente

Introduzione alla mostra "Riverrun" di Elisabetta Longari, curatrice della mostra.

Intervista a Mary Della Giovanna

Intervista all'artista Mary Della Giovanna della mostra "Il testimone conteso" con Giulia Blasig, curatrice della mostra.

Intervista a Elio Ticca

Intervista all'artista Elio Ticca della mostra "Il testimone conteso" con Giulia Blasig, curatrice della mostra.

Del testimone conteso: trovarsi, perdersi, ritrovarsi

Introduzione alla mostra "Il testimone conteso" di Giulia Blasig, curatrice della mostra.

Alfredo Luis Ramirez

Biografia dell'artista Alfredo Luis Ramirez.

A ritual modernity

Introduzione alla mostra "Virtus Dormitiva" di Giuseppe Frangi, curatore della mostra.

Sandro Giordano / Remmidemmi

Biografia dell'artista Sandro Giordano.

Sull’orlo del disastro

Introduzione alla mostra "In Extremis" di Greta Zuccali, curatrice della mostra.

Paolo Di Rosa

Biografia dell'artista Paolo Di Rosa.

La Fantastica

Introduzione alla mostra "Linee in parallasse" di Greta Zuccali, curatrice della mostra.

Emilio Cavallini

Biografia dell'artista ed imprenditore Emilio Cavallini.

The color’s lover

Introduzione critica alla mostra "Geometric Abstraction" di Laura Cherubini, critica d'arte.

Poveri Noi – Daniela: Legnano

La storia di Daniela, Mattia, Eleonora, Christian e Federico di Legano, raccontata da Monica Triglia.

Poveri Noi – Alessandra: Genova

La storia di Alessandra, Giovanni, Dario e Michele di Genova, raccontata da Monica Triglia.

Poveri Noi – Gianni e Rosaria: Napoli

La storia di Gianni e Rosaria di Napoli, raccontata da Monica Triglia.

Poveri Noi – Francesca e Salvatore: Soveria

La storia di Francesca e Salvatore di Soveria, raccontata da Monica Triglia.

Poveri Noi – Carola: Palermo

La storia di Carola, Nunzio, Andrea e Julian di Palermo, raccontata da Monica Triglia.

Matteo Galvano

Biografia dell'illustratore Matteo Galvano.

Intro “architAMORfosi”

Presentazione di "architAMORfosi" di Roberta Macchia, co-curatrice della mostra.

Monica Triglia

Biografia della giornalista Monica Triglia.

Valentina Tamborra

Biografia della fotografa e reporter Valentina Tamborra.

Storie di persone che, nonostante tutto, non si arrendono

Prefazione al catalogo di "Poveri Noi" di Monica Triglia, autrice dei testi della mostra.

Intro to “Poor us. A tale of Italy does not give up”

Introduzione a "Poveri Noi" di Roberto Mutti, curatore della mostra.

Presentazione della mostra “Poveri Noi. Un racconto dell’Italia che non si arrende”

Ivano Abbruzzi, presidente de L'Albero della Vita, presenta la mostra di Tamborra e Triglia.