Paolo Di Rosa’s work is characterised by compositional essentiality and a flat, brilliant drafting of colours which, through the zeroing of all spatio-temporal connotations, becomes a metaphysical universe.  The figures we encounter are at the same time observers and watchers.

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Paolo Di Rosa (born in Milan in 1973) is a self-taught artist and president of the Antares Cultural Association, with which he won the Exponiamoci competition, a project that in 2015 saw him involved in the management of artistic and cultural initiatives within the EXPO 2015 circuit.His career began in 1999 when he decided to pursue art professionally, dedicating himself to all the visual arts and focusing more on painting. In 2017 his works were exhibited within the Paratissima Torino circuit and in 2018 at Paratissima Bologna, in conjunction with Arte Fiera. In the same year they were included in the exhibition THROUGH THE BLACK MIRROR at BASE Milano, in conjunction with the Milan Art&Photo Fair.His research, mostly pictorial, focuses on the investigation of the human figure inserted within "non-places" that Di Rosa creates, merging the real and dreamlike dimensions. 

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