“They are desert spiders, treacherous creatures that, however, are reflected in a harmonic rigour, almost in apotropaic function”, writes the curator Giuseppe Frangi.

“Crossing time, they have extended to modernity. So Ramirez poses the theme of the eternal circularity of art, which always returns to the point where chaos becomes order and order becomes chaos”.

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Painter and sculptor, Alfredo Luis Ramirez was born in Venezuela in 1957. He spent his childhood in Mérida, a lively and colourful town on the Andes Mountains where he decided to become an artist, at the age of 13.

At the age of 21, he moved to Italy to attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts where he took the painting course held by Saverio Terruso. Once the studies had been carried out, he spent three years in Venice, attending the International Institute of Graphics and the Academy of Fine Arts, student of Emilio Vedova, one of the greatest Italian Arte Informale artists, and Ennio Chiggio, one of the most important designer.Back in Venezuela at 27 years old, he began to teach as drawing, painting and etching professor at the University of Los Andes. He started to create colossal sculptures, which became monumental works for the main Caracas’ square.
He won several prizes, including in 1994 a scholarship for the prestigious PS1 of the MoMA in New York and in 1997, the fifth edition of the Gran Premio Biennale de Guayana. His works have been displayed in several public collections including, to name a few, the Orange County Museum of Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in California and, in Venezuela, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas and the Galeria de Arte Nacional in Caracas.

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