With the exhibition “Il Testimone conteso”, shown in 2017 at Hub/Art and curated by Giulia Blasig, Mary Della Giovanna encounters the pictorial work of Elio Ticca.
Mary Della Giovanna’s black and white portraits, characterised by soft, shaded shadows, meet the super-sophisticated hand and almost Byzantine colours of Elio Ticca’s canvases and make up a series with a strong poetic charge, an ode to human corporeity and expression.
A physical and emotional tension, poised between repulsion and attraction, which asks the visitor to confront two different languages and the strong presence of nudity.

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Mary Della Giovanna was born in Biella in 1985 and she works as a photographer.She graduated from the University of Turin in Asian and African Languages and Cultures, a course of study that allowed her to travel extensively and to discover in storytelling through images a method that is akin to her own vision of the world.

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