“The Jewish Memorial” (project Eisenman Architects) is part of the project called LINEA nelle LINEE. 

It is a photographic project born two years ago, ahead of the thirtieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall, November 9, 1989, and assumes a metaphorical sense related to the transformation of urban and architectural space. The images, taken far from noise and distractions, are organized from the point of view of the change of the urban territory along a border: the “Line” that was once identified by the Wall.

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Antonella Bozzini (1967) starts her studies in Photography in 1990 at IED (European Institute for Design) Photography Department in Milan, graduating in 1993. In 1992 she wins the Prize for Journalism “Giovani Artisti Italiani” [Young Italian Artists], organized by the Milan Municipality. In the 1990s she takes part in the Journalist Order, where she plays the role of Photo-Journalist. In order to document socio-politics events, she travels to America, Africa, Europe and to East.In 1994 Lanfranco Colombo choices her to be part of his private collection named “Fotografi Italiani” [Italian Photographers], preserved at GAMEC, in Bergamo. Among the various prizes, there are Modena per la Fotografia (1995), “Biennale Arti Visive”  – Vigonza – Padua (1998),  Tau Visual Qualità Creativa –  category Author reported – Milan (2009), Basi Arte Contemporanea – Site Specific Installation – Acquedotto di Santa Fiora – Tuscany (2012).2008 is an important year for Antonella, during which she opens her Photo Studio. She starts a new path for her carrier: Photography research is considered a means of exploration and deepening of different forms of architecture in urban space. She pays particular attention to the use of public space and how the different contexts – from architectural, social, historical to cultural – are integrated.

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