The colour and happiness of this amusing figure run down the face.

The clown in 2020 becomes a symbol of an ominous year, a year of destruction.

The trick dissolves. A locked-up clown who can no longer bring smiles and lightness to those who observe him.

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Mauro Zuliani aka Mauro Maisel was born in Desenzano on 12 October 1983. As a child he copied comics, engaged in drawing and experimented with different colours and techniques. After a teenage break he picked up his palette and brushes again, and in 2009 enrolled in a portrait course at the Accademia Santa Giulia in Brescia.Years of hard work, then the first satisfactions: in May 2012 he took part in a first collective exhibition in Lonato del Garda, then he chose to refine his personal technique, experimenting with pencil drawings, mixing them with colour sketches, oil or acrylics. Self-taught artist, always looking for experimentation: among the very latest in 2018 real assemblages of different products, from oils to acrylics, mixed with chalk paste, creating a unique abstract style. 

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