In 2019 he displayed his Geometric Abstraction series at Hub/Art, with a critical text signed by Laura Cherubini.

On display a selection of different works, from his first optical experiments in the 1980s to the very last works of the 2000s. Cavallini’s raw material is socks, while his inspiration comes from mathematics and geometry and their highest expression, architecture.
All his works relate to fullness and emptiness, with a rigid procedure of repetitions, developing internal symmetries, playing on different scales, elaborating perfect finished architectural structures.

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Textile entrepreneur, founder of Stilnovo in San Miniato, a company that produces patterned socks exported all over the world.Alongside his entrepreneurial activities, Cavallini cultivates a passion for art: constant artistic research and the reuse of nylon thread, printed fabrics and spools of yarn give rise to works of art contaminated by fashion.Since 2010 Cavallini has decided to devote his efforts entirely to art. In February 2011, the Milan Triennale dedicated a large retrospective to him and his works were finally shown to the public. 

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