On the occasion of Laura Benetton’s Metamorphosis exhibition, hosted by Hub/Art from March 10th, we created a special collaboration with the brand Toujours.

A special model of sneaker has been personalized by Laura Benetton. A special garment that tells the magic of intertwining shapes and colors, between art and fashion.

Each shoe will be unique and handmade on request directly by the artist because our idea is to bring art to the world every day in a special way.


For this special occasion, you’ll have free shipping on your first purchase on Toujours online shop, using the discount code “HUBART” (promotion valid from 10 March to 30 June 2021).



You just have to choose the size, we’ll take care of the rest: SHOP NOW



Laura Benetton’s work investigates the close relationship between art, nature, and science: where color and movement intersect, dynamic, sophisticated, and elegant contemporary artworks come to life. The exhibition offers the visitor the opportunity to interact and enter within this vibrant and energetic path, where the artist aims to challenge the boundaries of painting by inserting neon as an external element of research.

The artworks on display represent in fact a wide and diversified range of medium used by Benetton: oils and acrylics, drawings, sketches, and multidisciplinary works with neon light.


Toujours was born from the idea of ​​making unique and elegant accessories for “tous les jours”. Quality and refinement are the key words that envelop the know-how of a Milanese brand that offers products totally handmade in Italy.

Sneakers: one of the best-selling items in recent years with increasingly elaborate and bulky shapes that we want to make refined and elegant by simplifying their shapes and playing with quality materials at the height of every woman.