The Milan-based organisation Art Space presents the fourth edition of the AMARS exhibition in the city of Barcelona.

The inauguration will take place on 11 March from 5 p.m. at the Hub/Art Barcelona Gallery in Carrer del Doctor Trueta 183 in the Barceloneta area.

The exhibition Amars IV will run from 11 to 18 March 2023.
The presentation of the exhibition is scheduled for 6.30 p.m. with the intervention of the exhibition curator Eva Amos.

The exhibition project will have love and all the possible nuances as its main theme.

Love is to aspire to someone or something in order to feel complete, to recover the original unity that we have lost, as the Greek philosopher Plato recounts: “Once men were perfect beings, they lacked nothing and there was no distinction between men and women. But Zeus, envious of such perfection, split them in two: ever since then, each of us is in a perpetual search for his own half, finding it and returning to the ancient perfection.”

Wandering to find our missing part, be it a person, an object, an idea, leads us to experience love in a more complete sense.

The visitor to the exhibition, like the man described by Plato in perpetual search of something, will wander through space rediscovering, thanks to different interpretations, the meaning of love. The idea of the exhibition, in fact, is precisely to give artists the opportunity to express themselves freely and create a work that represents their personal vision on the theme. Love understood as putting oneself at stake in the first person, admiring, enjoying and participating in something bigger: thus becoming part of a living work and no longer looking at it from the outside as an outsider.

Thanks to the exhibition, 35 international artists from Bolivia, Greece, South Korea, Denmark, France, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Italy will accompany the viewer on a journey full of multifaceted artistic visions and sensibilities.

The final award ceremony will see the collaboration of Sekkei Design.


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