An independent observatory dedicated to the multiple languages of contemporary art.

HUB/ART Gallery is an exhibition space located in the south of Milan near the Prada Foundation and the new Fastweb headquarters, and is located within the Interface HUB building, headquarters of the Interface Facility Management company.

Is an experimental platform that was created with the aim of improving the work environment and developing territorial welfare at the same time. A space designed for exhibition projects, evenings and artistic-cultural events, which invites the public to explore its content rich in experimentation.

HUB/ART evolves as a spin-off from “Interface HUB/ART”, a project born within Interface Facility Management ↗︎ as a moment of reflection on art and culture. Over the last few years the communicative power and the relevance of Interface HUB/ART in Milan’s cultural landscape have led to its natural evolution and independence: Interface HUB/ART becomes HUB/ART.

HUB/ART is open to dialogue with the Academies, Design and Fashion Institutes, Schools of Photography and Theater and with all those who have an idea to share and develop.

Contact us to discuss a project together.

The exhibition space

Interface HUB has been HUB/ART’s main exhibition venue since its opening in June 2017. Interface HUB is located in the Vigentino district, in the heart of Symbiosis ↗︎, the Beni Stabili project ↗︎ that is transforming the former industrial area adjacent to the Prada Foundation ↗︎ into a new smart district of the city of Milan which will host the Milano Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026 ↗︎.

The building was created as a warehouse for the preservation and processing of food, commissioned in 2009 by the Stoppani family, head of the Peck gastronomy, and designed by the architect Attilio Terragni ↗︎.

Download the brochure of the architectural project

Interface HUB is still observing the original soul of the building while adapting it to today’s needs, to the dynamism of the company Interface Facility Management ↗︎ and to the exhibition events regularly scheduled throughout the year.

HUB/ART offers itself as an exhibition space for emerging italian and international artists, aiming to become the place where they can fully express themselves. We believe that the activation of synergies between different sectors can generate value, contribute to the development of art and return a new concept of Beauty.

HUB/ART spaces plan



Culture is what makes you understand current times.

Established in 2017, HUB/ART is a cultural project supported by Interface Facility Management and promoted by GAG London.

“What is a cultural institution for?” This is the fundamental question which we want to answer. We embrace the idea that culture is deeply useful and necessary as well as attractive and engaging. A stimulus for daily enrichment, a medium to understand the changes taking place in us and in the world. This assumption is and will be the key of the present and future activities of HUB/ART.

HUB/ART is located within the headquarters of a company dealing with the facility management services for luxury and fashion retail. Art is the main working and learning tool: a territory of free thinking that welcomes established figures as well as emerging approaches.
A necessary collision between two worlds, two languages, aimed at generating a new cosmos where the aseptic business’ rules are integrated by a creative motion full of cutting-edge and revolutionary ideas.

HUB/ART is committed to the promotion of contemporary art not only through exhibition activities but also through the commissioning and production of new works. The HUB/ART Collection, which mainly includes works by contemporary artists, is a witness of our footsteps and, at the same time, a resource of perspectives.

HUB/ART is also a consulting platform in the conception and design of exhibitions in order to facilitate the conscious approach to contemporary art, foster the enjoyment of works of art (and their marketing) and enhance the places that host them.


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