The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of lockdown, when the whole world, with few exceptions, has stopped and forced at home.

Between hashtags of hope and Instagram lives, everyone found themselves dealing with the intimacy of their own rooms and thoughts.

A suspended time, in which we all experienced the social distance, that brought anxiety, fear but also moments of inspiration and enjoyment for the time for ourselves finally found again.

This first “introspective” time was followed by the phase of the restart of activities and the return to everyday life, as we all knew it.

A delicate and tumultuous moment in which the whole of humanity has been called to reinvent itself and imagine for the future a more sustainable world that, between barriers and precautions, does not ignore interpersonal relationships (“Man is a social animal” Aristotle said 2500 years ago).

We cannot find the wisdom within us without making experiences of the nature that surrounds us, the objects that make it up and above all the other, of our fellow man.

Hub/Art for the reopening of its exhibition season, has imagined the warning (Keep your social distance!) turning into a polite invitation to keep the right distance, the one closest to the feeling of each of us.

The exhibition, entitled “A proper distance”, works on the distances and the proximities, not only as a way of perceiving space and time, but as a real way of seeing.

Nine artists, called to interact first virtually and then in a real common space, have thus created a first experiment of “proper distance”.

What do you feel when you look at the things around you from a different point?

From a distance or maybe a few centimeters away.

Upside down or maybe with your eyes closed.

The right distance, the distance that everyone considers most suitable for themselves to read the present moment, the transformation in progress, aware that the return to normality is more necessary than ever.

A special thanks to the artists

Paolo Basso, Antonio Bernardo, Pietro Campagnoli, Giovanni Fava, Eugenio Galli, Luca Marianaccio, Noah, Valentina Porcelli, Letteria Russo