Ready for the opening of REA! Art Fair, dedicated to emerging artists to be held from 30 October to 1 November at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

Hub/Art is a partner of the event, having made its own exhibition space available for collateral events involving the award-winning artists from this first edition. We have also recommended the work of a young and talented artist, exhibited in the Guest Artists section, who will be the protagonist of a solo exhibition at our gallery in 2021. Find out who he is.

Three days open to the public ( a seemingly mirage these days), 100 emerging artists, 12 brave women with a passion for art and a very ambitious goal: create a new model in the world of art fairs.

In an interview with Collezione da Tiffany Maryna Rybakova, president of the cultural association, told: “The reference point has been the Degree Shows, the so-called end-of-year exhibitions that are halfway between-group shows and fairs, often organised by undergraduates in fine arts at academies. A phenomenon that often occurs abroad and therefore suggested the idea for a replication of the same practice in Italy.”.

Rea! is therefore not a simple art fair with works of art that can be purchased, but a real well-kept and interactive path. The works created by the 100 international and Italian emerging artists who will take part in the event are organised in six categories, defined and structured by the fair’s team of curators. The course will be completed by conferences, both in Italian and English, with collaborators and important personalities from the art world, live performances by the artists and workshops for anyone who wants to try their hand at art. Finally, during the three days of the fair the winners of the “REA! Art Fair!

As anticipated, Hub/Art, in addition to being a partner of the event – we have always supported the work of emerging artists and we work to allow them to enter a complex market such as the art market – represents the work of the Piedmontese artist Marco Abrate, in art REBOR. He will be displayed in the Guest artists section.

Rebor (born in 1996) will present a selection of three works from the Hidden Images series, particular research on images that makes use of that psychic process called Pareidolia, an illusion that leads the human brain to lead random forms to known forms of objects or profiles.

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