HUB/ART is an exhibition space and a project born to investigate new art movements and cultural events, promote rising and well-established talents, and share, inspire and nourish the beauty around us.



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Speaking of art, we discover, we understand, we grow. Thoughts and words about new trends and the Masters of the past.

Valentina Porcelli

Biography of the artist Valentina Porcelli.

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Luca Marianaccio

Biography of the artist Luca Marianaccio.

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Eugenio Galli

Biography of the artist Eugenio Galli.

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Biography of the artist Noah.

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Antonio Bernardo

Biography of the artist Antonio Bernardo.

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A Proper Distance

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of lockdown, when the whole world, with few exceptions, has stopped and forced at home. But what about the Art world?

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Antonella Bozzini

Biography of the photographer Antonella Bozzini.

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No Curves

Is considered one of the major representatives of tape art at an international level.

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Interview with Zino

Greta Zuccali interviews Luigi Franchi, aka Zino, about the upcoming exhibition at HUB/ART, opening in January 2020.

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Zino / Luigi Franchi

Biography of the artist and designer Luigi Franchi, known as Zino.

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Iness Rychlik

Photographer and director, Iness Rychlik invites us to reflect on women's individual and social bodies.

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