HUB/ART is an exhibition space and a project born to investigate new art movements and cultural events, promote rising and well-established talents, and share, inspire and nourish the beauty around us.


Speaking of art, we discover, we understand, we grow. Thoughts and words about new trends and the Masters of the past.

Investment in contemporary art. A brief guide by CBM & Partners

How to invest in contemporary art. A brief guide online by CBM & Partners on October 22, 6–7.30 pm.

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Paolo Basso

Biography of the artist Paolo Basso.

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Pietro Campagnoli

Biography of the artist Pietro Campagnoli.

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Letteria Russo

Biography of the artist Letteria Russo.

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Giovanni Fava

Biography of the artist Giovanni Fava.

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Valentina Porcelli

Biography of the artist Valentina Porcelli.

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Luca Marianaccio

Biography of the artist Luca Marianaccio.

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Eugenio Galli

Biography of the artist Eugenio Galli.

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Biography of the artist Noah.

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Antonio Bernardo

Biography of the artist Antonio Bernardo.

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Yoan Capote

Yoan Capote's work reflects on the experience of being Cuban, addressing universal political, social and migration issues.

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